Michael Boffey

(b 1971United Kingdom. Lives and works in London)

Boffey creates meditations on reminiscence through a range of nominal and procedural processes, which begin with the continuous arranging and adjusting of source images and include silver gelatin photography with photo-sensitive papers and multiple exposure techniques; bleaching and resizing; deletion and over printing; computer software programmes and digital printing. Imaged cut flowers, vases, clocks and other domestic and ornamental relics have become registers of loss, but crucially in this acknowledgement, a space is thereby opened for anticipation and optimism.

“The playing fields of memory contain a super abundance of richly complex accounts, sometimes embellished and sometimes faded. It is said that nostalgia can be a bad thing, but despite benign advice about not looking back, we have little idea of what our world will be like in the future, so there is a necessity to acknowledge the past in order to cope with the fears and pleasures of now”.

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