The Robertson Small

With The Robertson Small Hotel’s ethos of supporting and celebrating contemporary art from South Africa, a partnership formed in 2021 with Art Gazette x Norval Foundation elevates this commitment to new heights. 

Bella Knemeyer, Covercrop (With Lucerne) 5493, 2020
Kylie Wentzel, Bird and Chain, 2020

Art Gazette is opening up its inventory of contemporary art to The Small, to carefully complement and add to the hotel’s unique design and welcoming atmosphere.

Although Art Gazette acquires art from around the world, we’ll be focusing on art from South Africa, which will complete The Small’s collection of ceramics, textiles and products that has been produced by local artisans.

Sara-Aimee Verity, Untitled 9, 2020
Anna van der Ploeg, Valley Uprising, 2020
Anna van der Ploeg, Sun under going, 2020

With a space like The Small, such consideration has been given to colour, texture, surface and lighting to create an environment that one can enter with ease and comfort. Art Gazette intends to curate a collection of art that will add a layer of humour, spontaneity and surprise to The Small.

Colijn Strydom, Plinth, 2020

Always keeping in mind the integrity of the space, it is our believe that artworks should be the highlight of a space, not blend in, but rather making it unique.

Mia Chaplin, Rosy, 2020

“The golden thread has been working with people who have a deep sense of curiosity and fascination with the world” – Abigail Rands (owner)

Dale Lawrence, Lockdown Monotype: Day 5, No.4, 2020