Roamwork, The Harrington, Cape Town

Perhaps the most hard-edged, industrial and contemporary of the Roamwork co-working spaces, The Harrington in Cape Town’s East City district is a true home for new art. 

Naoki Kawano, The Poet 18, 2017

The building’s foyer is dedicated to ambitious art exhibitions, a complimentary artist’s studio sits on the first floor, a permanent collection stretches across the second floor and an array of large-scale works by young contemporary artists from South Africa enrich the open public areas. 

Entrance to The Harrington

For these offices, Art Gazette selected artworks that would naturally refer to the existing art collection, while complementing the building’s industrial interior, to create elegant, quieter individual working spaces that add to the overall environment.

Jonah Sack, Proposal for a new city,
the same as the old one - page 4 & 5
, 2019

Even the private offices reflect this creative approach and form part of the visual narrative carried through the rest of The Harrington’s spaces.

Chloë Reid, Park Station, 2019