The Bank

The Bank Hotel, bedroom view

Departing from the ubiquitous aesthetic of the hotel industry, The Bank is a brand-new addition to Johannesburg’s hospitality landscape.

Katherine Bull, #andthisismecollage_19.06.14, 2019

Featuring a façade made from specially designed black face-brick, and home to its own pedestrian street, a wide choice of restaurants and a flower shop, the hotel marries our modern way of living and travelling with rich heritage. 

Katherine Bull, #andthisismecollage_16.10.04, 2019

Consequently, the interiors are elegant and contemporary, yet simultaneously provide a timeless, welcoming home from home for a diverse clientele.

With such a distinctive environment to embrace, Art Gazette commissioned artists to produce works specifically for The Bank.

Pierre Fouché, Gesprekke met die Vertex-masjien
(Conversations with the Vertex Machine) V,

Today, every bedroom in the hotel is adorned with at least four or five original artworks, making each space both unique and in keeping with the high-end, yet relaxed standards set by the overall design and ambience of the hotel.

Katherine Bull, #andthisismecollage_18.06.07, 2019