Micha Serraf

Micha Serraf in studio
Famba Zvakanaka
En Fumee

Tell us about the works Art Gazette has acquired from you

My practice explores identity, specifically being a Zimbabwean citizen seeking refuge in South Africa. It's really liberating knowing that I can put my mind on paper knowing that there is a place that will value even just my initial visual thoughts. My work with Art Gazette is the playful discovery of a path I'm trying to reveal to myself. 

Do you have any upcoming shows?

I have just finished showing work up at Unseen Amsterdam and have my solo show titled Chipoko up at OPEN24HRS until the 29th of October 2021. 

Chipoko, OPEN24HRS
And Sometimes Not

How does the work Art Gazette collects inform your practice?

In both the photographic works on exhibition at OPEN24HRS and the drawings which Art Gazette have acquired, there is a connection between dislocated spaces, objects and sometimes people. The photographic works and the drawing-based works run parallel. They inform one another and are created side by side.  

Select one work you admire from the Art Gazette inventory

I would say Be Yourself by Guy Simpson. His work is clean, effective and includes the artworks of other artists in his architectural drawings. Maybe one day my work will appear on a wall in his 2D imagined spaces.  

Be Yourself, Guy Simpson
Micha Serraf's studio

Who should we all be following on Instagram?

We should all be following @flattendacurve on Instagram. Their collages are truly brilliant. One of the very few accounts that stop my scrolling in its tracks. 

Would you describe your process as chaotic or methodical?

My process is ongoing and never stops. So to call it either chaotic or methodical would require me to define my life in the same way. Which I can't. I would say my process is observational of what I think, see, and feel.  

What is here is what is here
Micha Serraf's studio

Why do you choose to work with Art Gazette?

Art Gazette provides a freeing space for me to create work with intention and care. Because they acquire preliminary work, it allows me to give this area of my practice the time and attention it actually needs.