Lebogang Mabusela

Lebogang Mabusela portrait

Describe your work:

The works are abstract watercolour paintings on Archival paper with bright colours, they speak in full stacked layers of deep colour and watery gestures and a few tingles of glitter. The work tries to depict some black femininity motifs and frills.

Ga O Batla Di Kuku Wa Di Beika, 2020

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

Disowned by my family.

Powa Placemat, 2020
Lebogang in studio

Why do you choose to work with Art Gazette?

They like my work (I believe in have to be someone’s type to work with them); they are professional and supportive. I feel that my work can reach international audience because of their platform. And mostly for the efficient funds that seems to be one of their core value.

Nice Lady Beats The Meat to
Nina Simone,

What artist's work do you admire?

Will Cruickshank. A3 Carbon Clamp Print, 2 2019, Folded carbon paper print on newsprint 40 gsm 29.7 x 42 cm.

I love printmaking and as a “monotypebabe” I appreciate experimental and innovative ways of printing this is one of them. I also enjoy the use of symmetry and patterns, the soft and delicate quality of the material of the work.

Will Cruickshank, A3 Carbon Clamp
Print 2,
Blue Candles, 2020

What item in your studio could you not live without?

My smartphone.

What do you listen to while working?

Stevie Wonder. Mostly my own internal dialogue.

Beer Opener, 2018

Famous artwork you would love to set fire to?

Fountain, it is simply asking for "it".

Describe your dream studio:

My grandmother’s house in Mathibestad in North West where I was semi-reared, the place is huge, it is scorching hot and there is enough land for it to be a farm (it once was), it would definitely look similar to my current studio with me working all over the dining room and then I would turn one of the 4 bedrooms into a print studio, the other into a storeroom.

See the sketch. The house is surrounded by so much open land that will make me feel so empowered because I will jog there and I will also grow plants, have a few goats, pigs, sheep and have my arse kicked.