Javi Cazenave

Untitled (Historia), 2020
Javi Cazenve in studio

Describe your work:




What item in your studio could you not live without?

Magazines (mostly fashion), and a big bottle of “titanium white” acrylic paint…

Javi Cazenve in studio
Untitled (Sácalo fuera), 2020

If you could be transported inside any artwork, which would it be?

Definitely, “White on White” by Kazemir Malevich.

I sometimes feel inside a box, constrained by the technology that surrounds me, and overwhelmed by the amount of stimuli that our techsociety provides… I can only feel peace when imagining being inside this painting…

Kazemir Malevich, White on White (Source - Wikipedia)
Javi Cazenve in studio

Choose 5 artists for a dinner party - dead or alive.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Le Corbusier. Luis Barragán. Kazuyo Sejima. Lina Bo Bardi.

But when it comes to party…I think I would choose the New York art scene in the late 70’s/early 80’s. I would definitely go back in time and hang out with some of the artists of that decade for an entire night.

Famous artwork you would love to set fire to?

There are so many I would like to set fire to… I would say half of Jeff Koon’s portfolio, especially his late works…

Jeffrey L. Koons (Source - Pinterest)

Describe your dream studio:

I am an urban animal; I have always been attracted by busy cities. For me art is directly connected to urban structures and therefore I would always have a studio in a big city, probably London

Blue Red 4, 2020
Javi Cazenve in studio