Instagram live series: Making Do & Getting By

Becca and Emmely in conversation

A series of conversations with artists, hosted by curator
Becca Pelly-Fry

This past year has been strange and destabilising in a myriad of ways; we have all struggled, suffered and shifted position as the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded across the globe, each with our own particular context and set of circumstances. It has been fascinating to witness how everyone has coped, and the ways in which people have adapted their lifestyle and working practices to the new and ever-shifting landscape

In this series of conversations, we explored how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted some of our artists, whose practice is largely invisible without the benefit of public showcases. And yet making art still goes on… in the studio, the kitchen, the garden shed, the street, the virtual world, wherever there is time, space, and inclination.

Reece Jones

"The way in which art gets seen is always evolving and I’m interested in how these arenas are opening up. I’ve enjoyed the conversations I’ve had through Art Gazette so far and I like the idea that they may continue."

The Very Least of our Worries 5

Charley Peters

"The small works on paper acquired by Art Gazette are an important part of my process, which wouldn’t otherwise come out of the studio. I put together ‘found’ painted pieces of paper in the studio – newsprint off the floor with overspray or wiped traces of paint from brushes – with more deliberate, painted forms."

For Your Eyes Only, Be On
The Look Out 06

David Price

"Lockdown made me re-think my practice. I had to make-do with the space and materials I had. But the experience forced new ideas and now there’s no going back."

The Very Least of our Worries 5

Evy Jokhova

Light Drawing 05

"With the recent changes in the world I found myself going back to drawing. Drawing forms the very core of my practice, but I have mostly used it as a tool and not a final outcome. This has changed now."

Emmely Elgersma

Sculpture Garden

"All of the works acquired by Art Gazette have been created during lockdown. They document objects around me and feelings or things that have happened during the time I made them. Some are sketches for future sculptures, and some just play around with colour."

About Becca Pelly-Fry

Becca Pelly-Fry is an independent curator, writer, consultant, and holistic practitioner. Before becoming independent in 2019, Pelly-Fry was Head Curator of Elephant West, and Director & Curator of Griffin Gallery (both now sadly closed). Her practice centres on care; creating the conditions for greater self-awareness, healing, and transformation.

Pelly-Fry is founder of a project launching in April 2021, called Making Do & Getting By, which aims to document the shifts and adaptations in creative practice made in response to the global pandemic.