Eliel David Pérez Martínez

Eliel in studio
Amuleto Reactor 1
Eliel's studio

What excited you about the art scene where you live?

Venice is a place like no other.

Living in Venice completely changes people's habits as it is a place without cars and with a very particular rhythm of life. The workspaces, the artists' way of producing and even the galleries have a unique peculiarity in the world.

Who is your artistic hero?

Philippe Glass is one of the first minimalist composers I met, and due to his wonderful way of composing, he influenced my way of creating and conceiving forms.

Eliel in studio

Why do you choose to work with Art Gazette?

Art Gazette is a platform with great international reach. I like their unique sales concept and how they champion the artist they work with.

Tell us about the works Art Gazette has recently acquired from you?

The artworks use layers of colourful translucent acrylic paint on works that take both an analytical and experimental approach to creating abstract compositions from linear and more organic forms.

Hoja de platano
Amuleto Reactor 1

Would you describe your process as chaotic or methodical?

Methodical with a bit of chaos inside.

I like to respect the timing that the materials need to develop but at the same time I like to be able to experiment in the process.

If you could own any artwork in the world, which would it be?

Musk Ox by Jimmie Durham, without a doubt!

Musk Ox, Jimmie Durham
Cat. 26 Untitled, Jaime Poblete

Which artwork do you admire from the Art Gazette inventory?

Cat. 26 untitled by Jaime Poblete. Similar to Jaime, I work with fabric and have always liked finding artists who work with similar materials but in a very different way.

What film would you recommend?

Koyaanisqatsi a film by Godfrey Reggio with the music of Philip Glass; exceptional.

Eliel in Studio