Yury Rostislavsky

(b 1983Russia. Lives and works in Tver)

“My works are based on my observations of the world around me: its nature, architecture, interiors, as well as various objects. My creative process is related to abstract geometry and the creation of something akin to spiritual experience. The aesthetics of simplicity and elegance appeal to me. Geometry is order, accuracy and clarity, a kind of visual efficiency, free of anything excessive. At the same time, we live in the state of what could be called “erratic chaos”. I believe that working with geometric shapes and altered colours is a good way to attain a certain level of control over that chaos.

In my works I use pens and crayons to draw lines and shapes. Lines in my works have all the shades of intensity of various life aspects. Geometric shapes have a certain tone, inner value, and property. The positional relationships of these shapes create a corresponding emotional response, depending on the colour scheme and spacing of the objects”.

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