Will Cruickshank

(b 1974United Kingdom. Lives and works in Brixham)

“My recent practice has focused on creating objects and drawings through the development of self- built machinery and experimental production procedures. These improvised methods open space for unexpected material and process outcomes.  It is a practice grounded in learning by doing, and thinking through making.

From 2015 to 2020 I worked out of three rented grain silos in Essex, which I converted into a studio. This time was a self-imposed research residency, with the spaces operating as laboratories and machine rooms. The starting point for the work there was a primitive lathe using a cement mixer to turn logs whilst carving them with a chainsaw. This was the beginning of an unfolding exploration of processes, leading to the creation of makeshift weaving machines, other improvised lathes, hybrid materials of plaster and thread, water carving techniques, and printing presses.

In this work, material, machine, and maker, each take their turn in leading or resisting outcomes. The improvised machines or tools fall short of their tasks and are refined, or these failures point in new directions to be explored”.

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