Maxine Sutton

(b 1963United Kingdom. Lives and works in Margate)

My work is a meeting point between formative creative experiences with textiles in my childhood, and my formal art education in Fine Art / Painting. A personal response to materials; such as cloth paper, ink, thread and yarn provide starting points. Materials resist and yield, and I move back and forth between them. In a sense this mirrors the continuous pull between my ‘natural’ human making impulses, and the limitations of a taught ‘fine art’ knowledge.

Existing as both form and content in my work, textiles have always been important because of early experiences of time spent with my grandmother, but also because textile communicates universally in a non-art language that we all can understand, connecting us through touch. There is a tension in the process, where continuous conversations are played out between the oppositions of; cloth and paper, art and craft, 'picture' and pattern, wet and dry, playful and anxious, where I continue to look for a place for my work to exist.

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